What we do

Our Strategy

  • Database

    • Patients & Lab derived data

      We collect patient-derived and disease-mimicking conditioned in vitro and in vivo data from physicians and researchers.

    • Data curation by specialists

      We curate data based on the professional knowledge of clinicians, chemists, AI specialists, and biologists.

  • Platform

    • AI powered Data Science

      We develop novel drugs based on an AI-powered data science platform.

    • Molecular Design

      We efficiently design small molecules by performing in silico simulations based on physicochemical theoretical methods.

  • Verification

    • Biomedical Verification System

      We own a verification system based on decades of following experiences:
      novel cancer target discovery focused on cancer stem cell, target verification,
      and preclinical/clinical trials with global pharma companies.

Patients Data based first-in-class Drug Screening Platform